Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Birthday Lunch!

Right after Alyssa's Birthday is Shelby's.
This year she made the 8th grade cheer squad.
The weekend of her birthday she had her first camp she couldn't miss.
So we had to postpone her party for a week.
So as a surprise.
We checked her out early for a birthday lunch at Red Robin!

Nolan, Alyssa, Xander and Valerie

Shelby and Nickerdoodles

Shelby and her favorite sister.

Valerie and Shelby

Cheeks does not like lemons! LOL

YUMMY! Happy Birthday Girls!

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Poor baby Cheeks. Or should we call her scar face?
This little girl has been nothing but accident prone for the last month.
First, she got to take her first trip in the ambulance.
 Because of a febrile seizure on March 7th.
Next this adorable child of mine decided to pull her sisters mirror on her head.
Resulting in a luckily small but deep little cut on her forehead.

Fast Forward to Easter Dinner!
Coming down the slide at Grandma's she was going way to fast.
Guess what took the fall?
Her face!!

Still Pretty Darn Cute Though!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Alyssa's Party

Alyssa's party was so much fun this year.
We went to Jack and Jill's bowling in Lehi for laser tag and bowling.
I let Alyssa invite a few more friends than normal, because it was Easter weekend.
Thinking that most would be out of town.
Boy was I wrong.
We had 15 kids show up and it was a blast.

She's still a Daddy's Girl.
Alyssa, Maryanna and Ashley.
Kira and baby Lincoln

Madison, Alyia, Maleah, Maryanna

Jessica, Angel, and Maryanna

Alyssa and Emily!

Mommy and Cheeks

A few arcade games.

Laser tag crew!

Alyssa and her birthday posse!

The whole crew!!

Ashley and Jessica

These two secretly love each other.
Alyssa with her aunt and uncles and Grandma!

Cade and Cale, coolest uncles on the planet!

Bowling and Pizza! Happy Birthday ALYSSA!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Nine Years Old!

I can't believe my baby girl is 9!
Where did the time go?
Just yesterday she was learning to walk and talk.
Now she is in 3rd grade and more beautiful than ever.
She loves music and is always putting something new on her MP3 player.
She has a cell phone. Which makes her extremely cool!
She loves to draw and create. She always has a little project.
She's turned into quite the little swimmer and looks forward to lessons.
We did a little photoshoot for her birthday invitations today.
She loves the camera!


Her VIP Pass invitation for her party. They went on laynards.