Friday, July 22, 2011

Rina's Wedding

Chad and Rina are finally married!! Congratulations to them. What a beautiful ceremony and a beautiful wedding. The reception with great with a few minor glitches. Like the fire department showing up for a stupid alarm that wouldn't shut off. The cake had to be separated because it was tipping. But, it was beautiful regardless. Dancing, good fun, family and friends. What a beautiful day. Happy Eternity you two!

Wedding invite I made!

Ana and Cheeks

Dominic after BEGGING him to smile.

She's serious about something!

My handsome boys.

Pretty flowers!

My girls!

So pretty!

Jose and I

Cake before it had to be split. So pretty

First Dance.

My Shelby.

Part Time.

Ana was hungry! LOL

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Well my house is under construction! We had a flood in the upstairs toilet down under the wall. With the money from the insurance we have enough for new carpet and tile! It's going to be a mess but it'll be worth it in the long run!

Where the water leaked through the crown molding down into the wall. This whole wall will need to be replaced!
We pulled up all the carpet.
New tile and paint color!

Alyssa's First Swim Meet

Alyssa had her first swim meet this year. She had been swimming with AF's beginning swim team. When we got to the pool she decided to melt down. Crying and scared didn't want to get in with all the other kids to warm up. Finally being the kind compassionate person I am. I picked her up and threw her in. She swam a lap or two and was ready to go. She got disqualified in the freestyle because she touched the wall on her way down but did really well. Her backstroke looked awesome. Too bad my camera batter died I was only able to get a few pictures.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Girls Night OUT!

It was Alaina's 30th birthday. So we decided to take a girls trip up to Park City and spend the night in a hotel. It was so much fun! We went to dinner and ate way too much and had the most horrible waiter on the planet. Then went back to the hotel after getting some treats at the store. A little shopping on the way home. It was way to short. I've been friends with these girls for years! They really are the best! We definatly need to do it more often!

Alaina, Jen, Kira and I

Alaina's toe is amazing!

LOL.. no words!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Dominic is 5!

Dominic had his 5th birthday party today. I can't believe how much he's grown up. He loves to be outside and has no problem making friends. He's super coordinated and picks up on things quickly when it comes to sports. He loves to be outside. He loves swords and ninja's. He likes his DS but will replace it quickly if a friend comes knocking at our door. He loves his new green bike he got for his birthday! He's in swimming and doing well. He's excited to start Kindergarten with all his friends. This little boy keeps me on my toes and I wouldn't trade him for the world! Happy Birthday Nickerdoodle!

Dominic, Duncan, Taj, Aiden, Owen,Alyssa, Ashley, Brenden, Tyler and Andrew!

All the same just add a Koya in the mix!

Amazing Transformer's cake!

Grandma looking pregnant like Ana!

A little pizza, bowling and laser tag!

Dominic and Ducan.

Baby Cheeks



Comparing muscles with Uncle Cale. I think Dominic wins!

New toys!


A few video games!

The new bike and summer hair cut Dominic got right after the party!

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

This year's 4th was very low key for us. We had a yummy barbecue at Grandma's and then went to Pleasant Grove City's fireworks. Of course the kids enjoyed watching the fireworks in the rain. Then we went back to Grandma's house to light a few we bought. Grandpa stopped by with Doggie Charlie to visit. It's always good seeing him since he's always on the road.


Patriotic Princess!

Chuckest, Doggie Charlie, and the Cheeks!

My boy!

The fireworks were loud.

My handsome little brother Cale.