Monday, March 24, 2008


Easter was lots of fun this year. We went to an Easter Egg hunt at Grandma's work. The Easter bunny arrived and brought lots of fun things. Alyssa got a dress that, "Spins in waves." Dominic just wanted to eat all the candy. Then Grandma and Tom spoiled the kids with more toys!
We had a great Easter dinner and played Wii!


Robinson's said...

Here are the links for the templates I have used.

and here is the one for playlists

Justin and Ashley Reeves said...

Thanks! I have already bought him his first Darth Vador action figure, and Smashing Pumpkins Lullaby CD.

Kenna said...


Wow, it took me a second to find out who you were because of the new last name - I kept scrolling down, down, down thru the pics... nope, don't know her, don't know her, AH! JESSICA! Haha.

I'm so glad you found me. Good to catch up. I'll be back to read more!