Monday, January 7, 2008


January 7th 2008

Dominic had his very first day of nursery on Sunday. He took one look at the toys said bye mom and took off. No crying or fit throwing or mommy save me. It was fabulous. You forget how nice church can be when your not walking the halls. Stuffing food in a childs face and saying shhhhhhhhhh all 3 hours. It's a great start to a great year already! Also my kids are so adrobale when they are dressed up. Dominc got a suit for Christmas but I didn't get him black shoes yet so he wore darling blue sweater over his white shirt and tie. He looked just like a little man. Alyssa always has to look her best on Sunday. Clear from the shoes to the earrings she wears. She's a lot of work that one and she's only 5. Did I mention I LOVE NURSERY?!

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