Saturday, August 2, 2008

Breaking Dawn Release..

As you all know August 2nd was the release for Breaking Dawn. Valerie and I planned a Breaking Dawn Release part with Twilight Moms and Borders. We ate at Tucanos and then headed over to Borders to hang out and I gave blood. Which kinda made me tired but.. oh well.

Things I loved about the book. The Wedding was so perfect. Charlie placing her hand in Edwards hand. Jacob showing up at the wedding. Edward shooting the garter in Mike's face (priceless ). The honeymoon was breathtaking. It left a lot to the imagination and wasn't too graphic but yet you knew what was going on . I wasn't all that excited about reading Jacob's POV but I'm so glad SM wrote it that way. It gave me back my pre-werewolf Jacob that I love so much, Bella's friend. Watching him pick on Rosalie was hilarious! Emmett was hilarious in BD!! I was laughing during the arm-wrestling chapter . And Renesmee, beautiful, sweet, precious Renesmee!! I just want to hold her and cuddle her so much. When Alice and Jasper left it broke my heart, but I think I knew deep down that they would always come back; that they had a reason for leaving. Seeing Bella become a Vampire. Watching her adjust. Having her be the hero of the day! The ending was exactly how it should be. Edward seeing in to her mind was amazing i'm so happy that Edward and Bella are together forever! The last two pages were my favorite of the whole book.

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