Friday, December 25, 2009


Oh Christmas! What a fun day! The kids had so much fun. This was the first year we stayed home on Christmas Eve. We've always gone to Jose's aunts house for the traditional Venezuelan Christmas dinner. This year we decided to stay home and just hang out. Christmas morning the kids woke up to this...
Santa had come.. and I surprised Alyssa with the bedding she's been waiting for that my friend Kira made. It turned out awesome. Now if we can just figure out her bed.
Kira made the girls matching bedding and all the kids a hooded towel with their names on it.
The fun begins....

Alyssa gets the DS she was hoping for!
Dominic got his Buzz and Woody

Briella just sat and watched...

Buzz Lightyear to the rescue!

Dominic with his Transformer Bumblebee head and Buzz
Briella with her cute new hat.
She's so sweet...
Then off to Grandma's house....

Alyssa and her funky hat! She begged and pleaded at Nordstroms for over an hour for that hat. My mom surprised her with it. She was SO excited.
That's my girl!

Cale.. Leo and Briella with her awesome hat hair.

At Christmas dinner we played a little air hockey.. Dominic thought it was pretty cool to bed on dad's team. What a wonderful day!

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