Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Fun!

Easter was a lot of fun this year. Dominic was finally into the Easter Egg hunt and I wasn't pregnant! We went down to Genola to Alaina's sisters house for the egg hunt and for Kycee's birthday. It was freezing cold outside the kids were frozen when they were done but got a lot of candy. Saturday night we colored Easter eggs. Sunday we watched General Conference and the Easter Bunny made his appearence and brought a few goodies. Sunday night we went to my mom's for dinner and had a FHE on the Atonement and what Easter was really all about!

Dominic running to keep warm and trying and get candy at the same time. He had so much fun even though it was freezing.

Alyssa waiting for the Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. It was SO COLD

Alaina's sister has cute little goats Dominic loved chasing them around.

We went to dye Easter eggs at Valerie's house Saturday night.

Hard at work!

She loves painting and anything to do with colors. She had so much fun coloring easter eggs.

Dominic's basket

Alyssa's basket and skirt

Alyssa with her Easter basket

Dominic with his Easter basket

Briella's first Easter!! She was so excited over her new toy!

The girls in their Easter outfits

My girls!

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