Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Time!

Santa stopped by to see the kids last night. They were so excited. Luckily they slept in till 8:30 and then Alyssa got up and woke everyone else up. They dove into there presents. Dominic was so excited to get his DS but the thing he loved most was the little ninja's from the vending machine at the movie theatre. He loves those little things. Alyssa was really excited to get her friendship bracelet making kit. I told her it was all sold out and that she wasn't going to be getting it because I couldn't find it anywhere. So I wrapped it up in a huge box and when she opened it she was so excited.
Afterward we went to Grandma's for yummy frenchtoast breakfast and opened more presents. She spoiled the kids rotten as always. Cale gave them fun presents too! It was a good Christmas.

The gifts santa left.
The tree after santa finished wrapping.

Cheeks was so excited and tired.

Dominic got his blue DS!
Briella just kept hitting the presents. We've been telling her to not touch the presents. So when we handed it to her to open she just kept looking at me, like ya right mom i'll just get in trouble.
Alyssa got her Udraw for the Wii.

Her Glow dome!

Huge art kit from Grandma

Her friendship bracelet making kit!

Dominic helping Briella with her new toy.

We got Shelby and new camera from us and Cale. She was so happy with it and her Ipod.

I told Cheeks to Smile!

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