Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Strawberry Days!

We love strawberry days!
Carnival, Rodeo, and Parades!
We've done this since I was a little girl!

Ferris Wheel.

Beautiful Girl

This is the whole reason we go! Look at their faces!

It was also Grandma's birthday. Happy Birthday Mommy!

Grandma and Cheeks! She loved this.

Dominic's face is priceless.

Cheeks! She's so cute.

Alyssa wins!

Dominic on the baby duck ride with Briella!

He was trying to figure out how to get off.

Alyssa and I

Alyssa and Ashley

Alyssa and I on the Gee Wiz!
Afterwards it was fresh strawberry shakes and a little Taco Amigo!!

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