Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 4 Sea World!

A few things we learned in SeaWorld!
1. You have to sit in the splash zone! It's the only way to not die of heat stroke. 
2. Shelby cannot for her life do a fishy face!
3. Briella LOVES dolphins. 
5. The stingray ride is the best ride in the world! 
Me and my girls waiting for Shamu


The gang and screaming cheeks!

Fishy face!! Kinda. 

She loves animals! All kinds!

Dominic trying to strangle the turtle. 


Shelby thought it was hilarious to take photos coming out of the potty!

Dominic and cheeks!

Sky view of Sea World

San Diego

Stingray Ride

Dominic rode the stingray! He loved it!

San Diego Temple

Toby and Dolphin

All her animals!


After a long hot day! She's relaxing. 


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