Monday, November 11, 2013

Parent Teacher Conference for Dominic.

Some art work and math and spelling from Dominic's Parent teacher conference!
 He's doing pretty good. Homework is really a battle with Dominic every day. But, as long as we stick with it he will learn he has to do it. I hope! He is pretty much on grade level in every subject.
This is how he feels about school.
Seriously the best story ever!
" My super big foot. My bigfoot is so strong his name is orangutang. He never comes to my house because my mom will hit him with a shovel. His powers are shoot our lazers out of his eyes. He has super speed he's so smart. He comes to Alaska and California with me."
I love how he shoots lasers and has super speed but is scared of Mom because she'll hit him with a shovel! LOL!

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