Monday, July 5, 2010

Venezuelan Barbeque without my Venezuelan.

After the parade and a nap. We met up with friends at the Battlecreek Park. Danny barbequed some awesome meat and we had corn and other goodies. Then went back to Freitas's house for some fireworks and some ice cream cake. What a good day. The kids had a blast.

Dominic eating his yummy food.

He had a rough day. He had bandaids all over.
Never thought the day would come where Danny Freitas would start cooking.

Audrey being adorable.. ha ha.

Cute girls.. Ari and Alyssa.

Valerie is trying to fly.. lol.

Two of my favorite girls.
Princess cheekies eating dinner.

Bubs and Nickers.

We are so cute! Happy Independance Day.

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