Thursday, July 22, 2010

Swimming Lessons

We now have two swimmers in the family. Dominic is finally swimming. Next summer I think i'll put both of them on the summer swim team. Alyssa is doing awesome and just graduated from level 5 of swimming and Dominic is in level 3. Briella and I did our first session of mom and me. She loved it for the most part.

Alyssa coming in under water.

She's getting awfully good.


Deadman float.

Me and Cheeks right before Mom and me class. Don't mind my huge belly.

Happy Baby.

Right after coming out of the water. She's gotten really good at holding her breath after you count to 3. She does awesome. It's amazing how fast they learn.
Shelby did awesome taking all these pictures for me because I was in the water. Thanks Shelby.

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