Monday, August 16, 2010

Utah Lake...

For the first time all summer I got to go out on the lake. Luckily I have really cool friends who will let me tag along with them and bring my kids. The kids had a blast swimming and trying to kneeboard. Shelby got up on the kneeboard. Alyssa tried but just ended up belly boarding. Briella loved just going a long for the ride.

Shelby and Cheeks.

Alaina and Kycee

Shelby on the kneeboard.

Briella about asleep on the boat

Up on the kneeboard! Way to go Shelby!

Kara, Alyssa, Koya, Dominic and Angela's little guy Jason

Alaina and I. Our cute babies.


Cheeks!! She was so cute in this jacket.

Kara on the kneeboard.

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