Thursday, March 1, 2012

First Round of Chemo is Finished.

Today was Jose's last chemo treatment while in the hospital. He's tolerated it very well so far. Other than a little nausea, headache and just plain being tired. He's doing fantastic. Now we just wait for his levels to zero out. The nurses probably hate the site of me because i'm always asking for med lists and how his labs are. They have mostly been great though about giving me the information. It makes me feel better to be educated about what is going on. The chemo given was idarubicin this first go around. It was done in a 15 minute IV push. I sure hope everything goes smoothly. I'm axious to get him home.
For now we wait. We are looking at another three to five weeks of him in the hospital. He needs to get his immune system back some what before they will allow him to go home. 
Jose's last chemo treatment. Today. At least while in the hospital.
Jose's third chemo treatment. By nurse Nan. Afterwards he was feeling a little nauseous so they she gave him something and knocked him right out. He may kill me for these photos.

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