Friday, March 2, 2012

Jose's day at the hospital.

I wanted to write kinda what goes on for Jose each day at the hopsital so we can remember.

8:00am- get breakfast (usually all fruit). CNA comes in to weigh him and do vitals and nurse comes in and does an assessment and gives him his morning pills.
9:00am- The PA comes in and gives us a run down on numbers and what's going on.
10:00am- shower and walk
12:00pm more vitals from CNA
1:00pm- One of the Docs comes in and gives us an update on any orders they have changed or meds they have started.
4:00pm- Blood draw to check numbers.
6:00pm- Dinner and walk.
9:00pm- night assessment and meds
4:00am- nightly blood draw.

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