Friday, September 20, 2013

Leukemia Strikes again!

My sister called 3 days ago. Saying my Dad was having a hard time breathing she was taking him to the ER in St. George. They diagnosed him with pneumonia. After a day or so things were getting worse not better. Well they did labs and sent them to LDS hospital to be looked at. Sure enough Leukemia. Problem was by the time they reached the diagnosis. They pneumonia was so bad that they had to intubate him and put him on a vent. On September 20th they life flighted him out of St. George to LDS hospital. Enroute he had a Pneumothorax or a collapsed lung. Once he arrived at LDS we really didn't think he was going to pull out of it. Amazingly... the Dr's up there started a low dose chemo and with in 4 days he was off the vent and up walking around. He's in for a long treatment and most likely a bone marrow transplant! But, I'm glad he's doing better!

The day we decided he'd be ok. Was when a Dr came in and talked very condescendingly to my Dad. You could see the irritation in his eyes. But, of course he couldn't talk. When the Dr. left he wrote this down.
("I want to strangle him")
We knew he'd be ok after this!

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