Sunday, September 29, 2013

Things I learned and Phone Photos

A few things I learned on this trip!
1- It's way easier to go with Alaina and her family. We make a great team.
2-I'm extremely ok if I don't see Disneyland for a few years.
3-Everytime I plan a vacation! Someone gets cancer! Seriously!
4- The San Diego temple was renamed the "Go Diego Temple" by Kycee and Cheeks.
5- Briella and Kycee loved the Coconut trees! They were so excited to see them.
6- Jose and Aaron hate rollercoasters. It was fun to have someone to ride them with!
7- Dominic has no fear! That kid will ride anything and he loved all of the rides. The faster the better!
8- So grateful that Jose was well this vacation. No pills, no masks, no treatment. I'm so grateful he is done with all of that and was able to enjoy this vacation cancer free!   
Here are a bunch of random photos that were taken with our phones. Too cute to not post!


The most emotion out of Jose and Aaron I've ever seen!!

Beautiful temple!

Shelby in the back of the suburban! Hiding from the kids.

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