Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Clinic Visit

Jose went in for a clinic visit yesterday. Apparently we are supposed to be going up every week. We didn't know this. Communication has been terrible since we went out patient. They assured me it would get better. They drew labs and took his weight....

Weight- 103 kilos (down from 105, he was 119 when he was admitted)
W.B.C. - 0.4
Hematocrit 26.0
Platelets- 32,000
Neutrophils- 0 (CRAP) Neutropenic

I for sure thought they would admit him. Dr. Asch came in and said that had it been any other Dr., he would be admitted today. She said that because we are on day 14 that this is the low point, or "nater period" as she called it, and his numbers should start coming up shortly. She released him to me with the promise that I would watch him like a hawk. Any chills, fever, or even just feeling off.  He's to be taken to the hospital immediatly.  The only reason she let him go with me is because I have a little bit of medical background. She said to trust my instinct.Which I hope and pray is working!

I then thought they would give him platelets. When he was admitted they didn't allow his platelet level to fall below 50,000. He was at 32,000. Dr. Asch said because his brain bleed is now gone. They are going to let him go as low as 15,000 before doing a transfusion. This is scary. She knows best though, I trust her.

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