Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Sunday

 I love Easter Sunday. Especially when you have all your family together and it's such a beautiful day! The kids had so much fun getting a few goodies and playing with friends. They played outside for hours and hours and there was no fighting. It was a great day. Only bad thing was Jose wasn't feeling too hot. Aaron came and hung out with him while we were at my Mom's. Since he wasn't able to go to my Mom's for dinner. We brought them a big plate. It was nice to have Alaina and her girls over play.
Kids before Easter dinner.

Alyssa's light up toy.

Angry bird flashlight

My louie

My poor hubby.

Cade and Cale. Enjoying bonding time.

Koya, Dominic, Kyler and Alyssa.

Kycee and Cheeks

Caley pretending to be tough.

Haggie, Louie, and Cade. Being lazy after too much food.

Cade and Kyler at the park. After dinner.

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