Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Round two.... Today?

We got a call on Monday night saying Jose needed to be at the clinic the next day. We were confused since we were told we wouldn't hear anything until Wednesday. So off we went. We got up to LDS. Jose is taken back for labs and the normal stuff then taken into an exam room. Nurse Tammy walks and says, "Ready for round two of chemo?"
I looked at Jose. He looks at me we both say, "Huh!" "We haven't even heard the results of the bone marrow."
She darts off to grab a PA who apologizes profusely for the confusion and lets us know Jose is in complete morphological remission! They don't have the chromosome test results back just yet though. We have to wait a few weeks. Labs were great his platelets were at 471,000, hematocrit was at 31.1 highest we've seen and neutrophils 3,600. All looked great..So onto the next phase consolidation. Which will be 4 days of chemo idorubicin and 15 days Atra, followed by a 3 week or so break, then 3 days of mitoxantrone and a 3 week break, then we go to 2 doses of the idarubicin and after the break of the bone marrow is clean he will go onto oral chemo for a year.
Dr. Asche was and is so positive and informative. She wrote the orders and we waited and waited 3 hours before pharmacy filled and brought up the chemo. Finally it came and in 15 min we were on our way! 1 down 8 to go!

Idarubicin... looks like Mountain Dew Code Red
Takes 15 minutes. They push it slowly.

Then we get home to find my Dominic has a fever! Luckily he was at my moms and she kept him for the night. Poor guy!

Trying to cool down my poor sick boy!

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