Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dominic's Birthday Party.

We did Dominic's party at Jack and Jill's bowling again. He really wanted to do laser tag. It's simple and easy so i didn't argue. Right before the party. Jose was super dizzy and not feeling well so he wasn't able to go. The kids had so much fun and loved play laser tag!
Beyblade cake!
Dominic, Aidan, Connor, and Owen
Cade and Cale
Briella bowling. 

Briella and Kycee
Robbie, Savana, Briella, Kycee, Aidan, Kyler, Owen, Quade, Dominic, Alyssa, Koya, Connor, Shelby and Sylvie!

Goof balls! 

His loot! 
Dominic blowing out his imaginary candles. They wouldn't let us have them. 

Dominic's barbie his uncle Cade gave him. LOL 

So funny. 

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