Thursday, July 5, 2012

Update on Jose and Chicken Feet Soup!

Poor Jose has been struggling this last round of chemo with his numbers recovering. They keep going up and down and up and down. He had had to have 3 blood transfusions and 5 bags of platelets this last month. His platelets would go up then the hematocrit would plummet and vice versa. I personally think he was fighting allergies or some kind of bug. We finally saw his neutrophils come up to a .5 on Tuesday the 3rd. His hematocrit was hanging in at 29.4 and his platelets at 32,000. They had all come up a little so.. we were hopeful for when he went in today. We went in and sure enough things were starting to come up! Platelets were at 51,000, hematocrit was only 29.6 but at least it was an improvement and his neutrophils were at .8! He has been taken off all antibiotics and is just taking basically vitamins at this point. They will hopefully start the oral chemo therapy this next Thursday when we go up for a clinic visit. 

Jose's mom told him if he eats chicken feet soup and spinach that his numbers will come up faster. The spinach I could understand with all the iron in it. I told him absolutely no way was I making chicken feet soup. So sure enough this weekend his sister shows up with this bucket of chicken feet soup. Goodness.. I about puked. LOL.. now every time I see his numbers rise only a little. He's gonna hear about not eating his soup!

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